Mr. Navarro is Zerin Business Consulting’s September 2013 Mentor of the Month!

navarroMr. Navarro of Falls Church, Virginia has been selected as Zerin Busness Consulting’s Mentor of the Month!  Mr. Navarro began working with the company in July 2013.  Starting his career in one of the company’s entry level roles, his competence and continuous hard work quickly pushed him to promotion.  As one of the newest Corporate Trainer’s within the company he has already shown his leadership and team building skills.  He learns fast and is not afraid to tackle new areas.  For Mr. Navarro, every competitive challenge is an opportunity to not just survive, but to move ahead and thrive.  Mr. Navarro is good humored and even-tempered in a demanding job.  Zerin President, Mr. Cline reacted to Navarro’s recognition by saying, “He is always positive, has an innate good-nature’d outlook on life and people.  He is an example of professionalism.”

Mr. Navarro received a Bachelor of Business Administration and Management at James Madison University in 2007.  As a member of the Sigma Chi Fraternity he excelled in his schooling and extracurricular activities.   Each day he betters the work place environment at ZBC.  We look forward to his continued development as he grows with the company.


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