Christina Preechacharn is Zerin Business Consulting’s June 2013 Mentor of the Month!

photo (15)Christina Preechacharn of Fairfax, Virginia has been selected as Zerin Busness Consulting’s 2013 Mentor of the Month!  Ms. Preechacharn began working with the company in January 2013.  Starting her career as an Entry Level Junior Executive, Christina’s characteristics and skill set soon pushed her to rapid promotion.  Christina was chosen because she inspires the rest of the team with her work ethic and ever positive attitude.   Upon being selected as June’s Mentor of the Month, CEO Mark Hoge stated, “Christina has the ability to go with the flow in all situations, even under pressure and in unpleasant or unexpected circumstances; she has a pleasant demeanor and fun sense of humor”.   In the first few weeks of joining the ZBC team Christina showed that she is very meticulous in her work and will work above and beyond what is asked of her because she is proud of the finished product and values the mentality behind hard work.  Christina has an innate ability to see a person’s qualities and sort through their strengths and weaknesses.  She immediately sets to work on capitalizing the strengths and strategies ways to help others overcome their weaknesses.   Ms. Preechacharn has actively engaged her coworkers and become a “go to” leader in the office.   Christina always has a good perspective on problems and has imaginative ideas to resolve them, she makes “above and beyond” sound too limiting.

Christina studied Chemistry at George Mason University.  She was able to excel in her schooling while balancing work and extracurricular activities.  She enjoys hiking, camping and being surrounded by the people who she truly loves and cares for. She is inspired by the quote from Albert Einstein that says “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” Christina’s previous successes are a sure bet that she will continue to excel at Zerin Business Consulting and is speedily approaching future promotions.  Ms. Preechacharn plays a big part in the ZBC team and we are grateful for all her contributions.


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