Chad Thornton of Sterling, Virginia Named as Zerin Business Consulting’s May 2013 Mentor of the Month!


Chad Thornton of Sterling, Virginia was selected, by the management team at Zerin Business Consulting, Inc. for May 2013 Mentor of the Month.

Mr. Thornton joined the company in September 2012 as an Entry Level Junior Executive. Chad is being recognized this month for a number of outstanding qualities he portrays on a daily basis. The positive morale Chad creates and his personal management skills are outstanding. He has built a team of high quality members and has continued to develop their skill set and leadership skills.  Thus leading him to receive his first promotion to Corporate Trainer in record time. Mr. Thornton’s professionalism has always been above and beyond the call of duty in all aspects of his work. His incredible work ethic and unwavering approach sets a high precedence for us all.  Along with his unfailing determination to succeed one of Chad’s greatest attributes is his trouble shooting and solution oriented mindset.  Chad is never idle and will be the first one to volunteer to help others.  Mr. Thornton’s can-do attitude and winning mentality have earned him a spot among Zerin’s top leaders.

Chad Thornton is originally from West Monroe, Louisiana. Chad attended Louisiana Tech University, College of Business and Administration. Where he received his bachelors degree in Marketing and Analysis.  While in school Chad excelled and was a TOPS Scholarship recipient.  As a Delta Sigma Pi member, an honors business fraternity, Chad was able to further develop his characteristics and knowledge of the industry.  As the team at ZBC continues to watch Chad grow and develop on a daily basis, we are assured that he will be the leading management for an expansion office within the next year.   A big thank you to Chad and all his efforts!


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