Huy Vo is Zerin Business Consulting’s October 2012 Mentor of the Month

Huy Vo of Harrisonburg, Virgina has been chosen as  Zerin Business Consulting’s October 2012 mentor of the month!  Mr. Vo began working with the company just a few short months ago in April 2012.  He has been promoted from entry level to a Corporate Trainer within the organization. Huy was chosen this month to be recognized as one of our exemplary employees on account that some of his strongest attributes are his positive attitude and his work ethic.  We idealize these attributes because if you do not already possess them they are very tricky to develop.   When asked about Huy’s character the management team said “I cannot recall a project/problem that was assigned to Huy that was not completed/resolved in a timely manner and with a positive attitude and this definitely rubs off of the other corporate trainers he coordinates with.”  We are lucky to have such a diligent worker as Huy .  He is competent and confident.  He readily shares his experience to help other succeed in meeting their responsibilities.  Huy is a team player and has aided in the organizations growth.

Huy Vo graduated in 2011 with a Bachelor of Business Administration from James Madison University.  He also studied Business Management at Seattle Central Community College where he was the President of the Tennis club.  His ability to lead has brought him many successes in the past and we look forward to his future successes with the company as well.  Huy enjoys participating in sports and being surrounded by friends in his spare time.  Thanks for all you bring to the organization Huy!


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