Carly Landolt – Zerin Business Consulting’s August 2012 Mentor of the Month!

Congratulations to Ms. Carly Landolt of West Chester, Pennsylvania who was chosen as Zerin Business Consulting’s August 2012 Mentor of the month.   Ms. Landolt has been chosen this month due to her passion for success.  Carly was one of the original members that helped ZBC get its start in November 2010.   Ever since her relocation with the company Carly has been forward focused and determined to make big things happen.  Carly holds a crucial position as Director of Human Resources.  Her main career goal is to provide opportunity to those around her.  Her daily efforts push each employee one step closer to their potential.

Ms. Landolt attended Temple University and continued her education at Penn State University to achieve her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology.  Starting out at the entry level Landolt soon made it apparent that she would be a big player within the organization and quickly received promotions due to her level of growth.  Carly has an exceptional work ethic that has resulted in multiple awards within the short time she has been with Zerin.   To name a few;  an outstanding leader award, and national recognition as a top administrator, where she was rewarded with an all-expense paid vacation to Hollywood, CA.  Ms. Landolt also travels across the country representing out HR department at various conferences.  Carly enjoys shopping literature and traveling.

We are fortunate to have Ms. Landolt on our team and are confident that with Carly as the primary contact for Zerin the organization’s growth will continue to increase substantially.


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