June’s Mentor of the Month – Mr. Cline!!

June’s Mentor of the Month- Mr. Cline

Mr. Cline, has been chosen as Zerin Business Consulting’s June mentor of the month!  Mr. Cline has been a core member of our team since the beginning. He was specifically selected as part of the original expansion team that relocated to the DC area in November 2010.  Mr. Cline is currently the Assistant Manager at the company.  Without the hard work and time that he has personally invested in the company, we would not be where we are today.

Mr. Cline is originally from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.  Since his early childhood, sports have been a big part of his life.  He was a member of many championship teams which lead him to continue his soccer career at Lehigh University.  He then graduated from Pennsylvania State University with his degree in Political Science. Since joining the company he has been involved with several conventions nationwide to help better company strategies and performance.  Most recently he attended Business Building Blocks in L.A. with emphasis in the Franklin Covey training.
Mr. Cline does not measure his success on economic achievements or social recognition. His advice for his coworkers is to love your job, and to help others achieve their goals. These simple things will make each day a success, and feels that with a positive attitude and hard work, anyone can be successful. He has certainly shown how these traits can lead to a fulfilling and successful career and life! Congratulations on being June’s mentor of the month Mr. Cline !


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