Michael Navarro is Zerin Business Consulting’s September 2013 Mentor of the Month!

navarroMichael Navarro of Falls Church, Virginia has been selected as Zerin Busness Consulting’s Mentor of the Month!  Mr. Navarro began working with the company in July 2013.  Starting his career in one of the company’s entry level roles, Michael’s competence and continuous hard work quickly pushed him to promotion.  As one of the newest Corporate Trainer’s within the company Michael has already shown his leadership and team building skills.  He learns fast and is not afraid to tackle new areas.  For Michael, every competitive challenge is an opportunity to not just survive, but to move ahead and thrive.  Mr. Navarro is good humored and even-tempered in a demanding job.  Zerin President, Mr. Cline reacted to Navarro’s recognition by saying, “Mike is always positive, has an innate good-nature’d outlook on life and people.  Mike is an example of professionalism.”

Mr. Navarro received a Bachelor of Business Administration and Management at James Madison University in 2007.  As a member of the Sigma Chi Fraternity he excelled in his schooling and extracurricular activities.   Each day he betters the work place environment at ZBC.  We look forward to Mike’s continued development as he grows with the company.

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Christina Preechacharn is Zerin Business Consulting’s June 2013 Mentor of the Month!

photo (15)Christina Preechacharn of Fairfax, Virginia has been selected as Zerin Busness Consulting’s 2013 Mentor of the Month!  Ms. Preechacharn began working with the company in January 2013.  Starting her career as an Entry Level Junior Executive, Christina’s characteristics and skill set soon pushed her to rapid promotion.  Christina was chosen because she inspires the rest of the team with her work ethic and ever positive attitude.   Upon being selected as June’s Mentor of the Month, CEO Mark Hoge stated, “Christina has the ability to go with the flow in all situations, even under pressure and in unpleasant or unexpected circumstances; she has a pleasant demeanor and fun sense of humor”.   In the first few weeks of joining the ZBC team Christina showed that she is very meticulous in her work and will work above and beyond what is asked of her because she is proud of the finished product and values the mentality behind hard work.  Christina has an innate ability to see a person’s qualities and sort through their strengths and weaknesses.  She immediately sets to work on capitalizing the strengths and strategies ways to help others overcome their weaknesses.   Ms. Preechacharn has actively engaged her coworkers and become a “go to” leader in the office.   Christina always has a good perspective on problems and has imaginative ideas to resolve them, she makes “above and beyond” sound too limiting.

Christina studied Chemistry at George Mason University.  She was able to excel in her schooling while balancing work and extracurricular activities.  She enjoys hiking, camping and being surrounded by the people who she truly loves and cares for. She is inspired by the quote from Albert Einstein that says “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” Christina’s previous successes are a sure bet that she will continue to excel at Zerin Business Consulting and is speedily approaching future promotions.  Ms. Preechacharn plays a big part in the ZBC team and we are grateful for all her contributions.

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Chad Thornton of Sterling, Virginia Named as Zerin Business Consulting’s May 2013 Mentor of the Month!


Chad Thornton of Sterling, Virginia was selected, by the management team at Zerin Business Consulting, Inc. for May 2013 Mentor of the Month.

Mr. Thornton joined the company in September 2012 as an Entry Level Junior Executive. Chad is being recognized this month for a number of outstanding qualities he portrays on a daily basis. The positive morale Chad creates and his personal management skills are outstanding. He has built a team of high quality members and has continued to develop their skill set and leadership skills.  Thus leading him to receive his first promotion to Corporate Trainer in record time. Mr. Thornton’s professionalism has always been above and beyond the call of duty in all aspects of his work. His incredible work ethic and unwavering approach sets a high precedence for us all.  Along with his unfailing determination to succeed one of Chad’s greatest attributes is his trouble shooting and solution oriented mindset.  Chad is never idle and will be the first one to volunteer to help others.  Mr. Thornton’s can-do attitude and winning mentality have earned him a spot among Zerin’s top leaders.

Chad Thornton is originally from West Monroe, Louisiana. Chad attended Louisiana Tech University, College of Business and Administration. Where he received his bachelors degree in Marketing and Analysis.  While in school Chad excelled and was a TOPS Scholarship recipient.  As a Delta Sigma Pi member, an honors business fraternity, Chad was able to further develop his characteristics and knowledge of the industry.  As the team at ZBC continues to watch Chad grow and develop on a daily basis, we are assured that he will be the leading management for an expansion office within the next year.   A big thank you to Chad and all his efforts!

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Brad Surdam as Zerin Business Consulting’s April 2013 Mentor of the Month!


Brad Surdam of Springfield, Virginia has been named Zerin Business Consulting’s April 2013 Mentor of the month! Mr. Surdam relocated early 2013 to join the ZBC team in Vienna, Virginia.  Due to his knowledge and expertise within the industry Brad quickly excelled from the entry level position and is on the path to many future promotions.  Mr. Surdam exhibits a great attitude and commitment to his work. He is always modeling the highest ethical behavior in any situation he encounters.   He often works outside his normal job duties, doing whatever it takes to get the job done, and done right!  Brad’s can-do attitude and willingness to go “the extra mile” make him the go to guy.  He has certainly become a mentor in the office and to his coworkers.  His work ethic, leadership, organizational, and communication skills are major assets to the company and our clients.  Mr. Surdam’s commitment to excellence and his professional demeanor is an inspiration to us all.

Brad Surdam began furthering his education at George Mason University.  He then transferred to Lebanon Valley College in Pennsylvania where he studied Pre-Law and received his Bachelor’s Degree in Business.  During the time that Brad was a student he was a Community Service Bronze Medal Award recipient, as well as being recognized on the Dean’s List.  Mr. Surdam received many academic accolades while balancing this athletic career playing collegiate Ice Hockey and Lacrosse.  Upon graduation Brad began pursuing his lifelong dream of playing professional hockey and joined the FHL, Cape Cod Bluefins.

With Brad on the ZBC team our continual success is ensured.  We are lucky to have him on our team and eagerly await seeing the fulfillment of his potential.

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Huy Vo is Zerin Business Consulting’s October 2012 Mentor of the Month

Huy Vo of Harrisonburg, Virgina has been chosen as  Zerin Business Consulting’s October 2012 mentor of the month!  Mr. Vo began working with the company just a few short months ago in April 2012.  He has been promoted from entry level to a Corporate Trainer within the organization. Huy was chosen this month to be recognized as one of our exemplary employees on account that some of his strongest attributes are his positive attitude and his work ethic.  We idealize these attributes because if you do not already possess them they are very tricky to develop.   When asked about Huy’s character the management team said “I cannot recall a project/problem that was assigned to Huy that was not completed/resolved in a timely manner and with a positive attitude and this definitely rubs off of the other corporate trainers he coordinates with.”  We are lucky to have such a diligent worker as Huy .  He is competent and confident.  He readily shares his experience to help other succeed in meeting their responsibilities.  Huy is a team player and has aided in the organizations growth.

Huy Vo graduated in 2011 with a Bachelor of Business Administration from James Madison University.  He also studied Business Management at Seattle Central Community College where he was the President of the Tennis club.  His ability to lead has brought him many successes in the past and we look forward to his future successes with the company as well.  Huy enjoys participating in sports and being surrounded by friends in his spare time.  Thanks for all you bring to the organization Huy!

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Amanda Tram is Zerin Business Consulting’s September 2012 Mentor of the Month!


Amanda Tram of Chantilly, Virginia has been chosen as Zerin Business Consulting’s September 2012 Mentor of the month!  Amanda was particularly selected this as this month’s mentor due to the vast progression she has made over the past few months.  Amanda only began working with ZBC in June 2012.  Starting in an entry level position she was promoted in record time due to the value she created for herself.  Ms. Tram now serves as a Corporate Trainer for the organization with significant promotions in her near future.  Her enthusiasm is contagious to all those working with her.  Teamwork is Amanda’s middle name.   She is never idle and will be the first one to volunteer in any given situation.  Communication is key to the marketing field and Amanda has proven to be a very effective communicator and is proving to be a strong team builder as well.  She has the ability to go-with-the-flow in all situations; through all this she inspires all those around her.


Ms. Tram is a recent graduate of James Madison University, where she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Science in Communication Studies with a concentration in Public Relations/Human Resources Development.  While at JMU Amanda received many honors, she was honored as a member of the Public Relations Student Society of America, National Society of Collegiate Scholars, and Order of Omega Greek Leadership Honor Society.  Semester after semester Ms. Tram was on the President’s and Dean’s list for her outstanding grades.   Amanda served as President of Phi Mu Fraternity as well as Public Relations Officer at Lambda Pi Eta Fraternity.  She continues her philanthropy as an organizational member of Zerin Gives Back!


We are all very pleased that Amanda has joined our team and look forward to her future progression and the development of her role within the organization.


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Carly Landolt – Zerin Business Consulting’s August 2012 Mentor of the Month!

Congratulations to Ms. Carly Landolt of West Chester, Pennsylvania who was chosen as Zerin Business Consulting’s August 2012 Mentor of the month.   Ms. Landolt has been chosen this month due to her passion for success.  Carly was one of the original members that helped ZBC get its start in November 2010.   Ever since her relocation with the company Carly has been forward focused and determined to make big things happen.  Carly holds a crucial position as Director of Human Resources.  Her main career goal is to provide opportunity to those around her.  Her daily efforts push each employee one step closer to their potential.

Ms. Landolt attended Temple University and continued her education at Penn State University to achieve her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology.  Starting out at the entry level Landolt soon made it apparent that she would be a big player within the organization and quickly received promotions due to her level of growth.  Carly has an exceptional work ethic that has resulted in multiple awards within the short time she has been with Zerin.   To name a few;  an outstanding leader award, and national recognition as a top administrator, where she was rewarded with an all-expense paid vacation to Hollywood, CA.  Ms. Landolt also travels across the country representing out HR department at various conferences.  Carly enjoys shopping literature and traveling.

We are fortunate to have Ms. Landolt on our team and are confident that with Carly as the primary contact for Zerin the organization’s growth will continue to increase substantially.

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